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          About Us
        about us

        XINJI HONGZHENG CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is located in Xinji city. It is 70km away from the Shijiazhuang. The company was founded in 1992. We are a foreign-invested fine chemical enterprise with fairy high influence in China. Main products include Phosphorous trichloride 30,000 tons/yr., Phosphorus oxychloride 20, 000 tons/yr.,and Triethyl phosphate 5,000 tons/yr. Annual output is 3.000 tons for TECP and 6.000 tons for TCPP. They have passed ISO9001 quality system authentication.

        We enjoy a good location. The national highway 307 and Shihuang expressway pass through this region. The company has special railway for chemicals. We have Phosphorous trichloride tank-transport truck and transportation cars for other chemicals. We can provide transportation service.

        The company has complete facilities and inspection system, and owns an experienced work team. The quality meets the standard of international high grade product.

        We have become very popular in our customers. We welcome your business.

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